Factor4 Meal Replacements
Factor-4 Power Shakes, Double-Power Shakes and Smoothies may be used as meal replacements. Try these four options for flavor, consistency and satisfaction. Limit meal replacements to once daily unless recommended more frequently by a doctor.
  • 2-4 Scoops - Factor4 Weight ControlĀ®
  • 8-12 oz - Refrigerated Soy Milk (vanilla)
  • 2 - Ice Cubes
  • 8 oz - Water as desired
  1. This recipe can make 8-16 oz meal replacements by varying the water, soy milk and Factor4 to your desired taste.
Nutrition Information
Calories: 120-240 Fat: 4-6g Carbohydrates: 11-16g Protein: 16-26g
Recipe by Factor4 Weight ControlĀ® Blog at https://blog.factor4health.com/factor4recipes/factor4powershakes/factor4-meal-replacements/