multiple smoothiesFactor4 Weight Control® is a delicious low-calorie, high-nutrient shake that builds muscle, burns fat, boosts energy and, most importantly, tames appetite. The key to Factor4 success is finding your favorite flavors in power shakes and smoothies to enhance your pleasurable experience. While the current flavor of the powder is vanilla praline and many customers prefer to add water to enhance this flavor, the final taste of the shake may be changed to anything that satisfies your exotic taste buds.

Our weight Loss Guide contains a number of delicious recipes that will give you a head start. Here are seven general approaches to changing the flavor of Factor4 power shakes and smoothies. Each one of these strategies will put you in “seventh-heaven” for delicious tastes. Individual recipes currently number to 50 and the list is still growing, limited only by your imagination.


Our favorite fruit juice combinations are orange-mango, orange-pineapple (tropical) and lemon-lime. Some customers like to add cranberry juice. Others like to add Factor4 to the flavored waters of Gatorade, Vitamin Water, lemonade, or iced tea. Factor 4 added to fruit juice greatly enhances the fruit flavors of juices and adds essential nutrients and a creamy dimension to the final shake as well. The flavors of fruit juice “transform” with Factor4 into the most “yummy” drinks known to humanity. On a hot summer day you cannot do better.


Our favorite milk products are fat-free milk, soy milk, rice milk, and almond milk. These milk products add body to Factor4 shakes, provide additional protein, and mask the subtle taste of whey protein. My personal favorite is 20% vanilla soy milk and 80% water.


Our favorite Factor4 chocolate drinks are made with Silk soymilk chocolate or Ghirardelli Sweet Ground Chocolate and Cocoa Powder. The vanilla praline flavor enhances the chocolate flavor to the point that it actually “pops!” It is so good that you may feel you have been transported to a chocolate plantation in Switzerland!


protein smoothie berriesOur favorite berries are blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, cranberries, and boysenberries, which make delicious smoothies in an electric blender. Go ahead and add a half banana, apple sauce or peanut butter if you want to make even more exotic mixtures. In addition, Factor4 provides essential nutrients that are scarce in berry products.


Our favorite spices are mace, cinnamon, nutmeg, or ginger. These spices mask the subtle taste of whey protein and add to the exotic nature of Factor4 power shakes and smoothies.


Factor4 may be mixed in water or low-fat milks and kept in the refrigerator as vanilla praline power creams. Let your hot coffee or tea sit on the counter for a minute or two to cool down just a bit before adding Factor4 power cream to make the most delicious coffee lattes and tea lattes available anywhere on earth. Factor4 power creams can also be added to iced coffee and tea lattes. Not only does this improve the taste of hot or cold beverages but it also adds essential nutrients to these favorite drinks.


Exotic specialty power shakes and smoothies may be produced by adding Factor4 to Yogurt, coconut juice, apple sauce, peanut butter, or protein pudding. In each case you will notice that the exotic flavors are greatly enhanced, in most cases beyond your expectations!

As you try these different combinations you will find that each Factor4 power shake and smoothie is unique in color, texture, and taste providing you with varying taste experiences for individual moods.