Top Priorities for Good Health and Optimal Body Weight

The #1 Priority in Life is Good Health

The #1 Public Enemy is Obesity

The #1 Weight Loss Shake for Anti-Aging Health is Factor4 Weight Control®

The #1 Dietary Supplement is Power Amino Acids® that control metabolic pathways to achieve anabolic health and reduce excess body fat.

According to Dr. Scheele, we are “entering into a transformative period where ‘prevention’ and ‘wellness’ are emerging as the new mantras in healthcare.” Why the emphasis on obesity? Because overweight disorders and obesity, which affect more than one-half of Americans, young and old, are the harbingers for dietary imbalances and poor metabolic health, which will eventually lead to chronic degenerative diseases that are associated with the Metabolic Syndrome, accelerated aging and loss of productivity. Fortunately, Factor4 Weight Control®, containing power amino acids®, corrects deficiencies in amino acids, proteins and metabolic pathways, which allows us to achieve more effective control of body weight and metabolic health.