2012: Factor4 Weight Control®
Ten-Times Better Than Protein Powders

George A. Scheele, M.D.

In a market brimming with generic protein products why did Dr. Scheele formulate Factor4 Weight Control® as an amino acid powder with backup protein rather than as a simple protein powder? The short answer is that Factor4 Weight Control® is more than 10 times better in delivering essential amino acids to the body compared to generic protein powders and these amino acids drive satiety, weight loss, metabolic health and anti-aging.

Protein powders have never been shown, in clinical studies, to work beneficially as weight loss products. This is why the FDA has never allowed any of the protein products to market “hard” claims related to weight-loss health. In contrast, Factor4 Weight Control® has helped more than 4,000 customers to lose weight. Since Factor4 contains protein, what is the difference in efficacy between the two products.

The difference is that Factor4 contains a rich source of free essential amino acids (Power Amino Acids®) which do not require digestion and therefore are rapidly absorbed into the body within 10 to 60 minutes. When elevated in the blood stream, these amino acids signal satiety to the appetite centers in the brain and intestinal tract and therefore minimize food intake.

Furthermore, Power Amino Acids® in Factor4 stimulate the digestive process (secretion of pancreatic enzymes and contraction of the gallbladder) by up to 10 times, which increases the digestion and assimilation of “backup” protein in the product.

Protein Powder Assimilation Over Time

The International Nutrition Research Center (INRC) has extensively studied the utilization of protein-bound amino acids and confirmed these findings. They report that the net nitrogen utilization (absorption of amino acids) from generic protein powders average 17%. This means that 83% of the amino acids in protein powders are passed through the body as waste. Furthermore the 17% of amino acids that are released through the digestive process are released slowly with a mean absorption time of 4 hours for Whey protein and 8 hours for Casein protein. This means that the beneficial effects of protein-bound amino acids in protein powders are greatly limited and in most cases undetectable.

By comparison, free amino acids like Power Amino Acids®, delivered in the diet, are rapidly absorbed by the intestinal tract and utilized by the body at levels which approach 99%. Thus, free amino acids show NNU levels that are 6-10 times more efficient than protein-bound amino acids contained in protein products.

The Figure above shows the simulated time-course and quantity of absorption of free amino acids from Factor4 Weight Control® compared to generic protein powders like Whey and Casein. The schematic diagrams explain why Factor4 Weight Control® is more than 10 times better than generic protein powders, meal programs or diet plans in delivering essential amino acids to the body. Since essential amino acids drive satiety, weight loss, metabolic health and healthy aging, we can now understand why Factor4 demonstrates so many benefits not seen in other weight loss solutions.


The successful formulation of Factor4 Weight Control® depended on Dr. Scheele’s unique understanding of the role amino acids, proteins, hormones and neurotransmitters play in feedback mechanisms which regulate digestive health, metabolism, and body weight throughout the animal kingdom. The science behind Dr. Scheele’s Factor4 formulation is so unique that it received patent protection (US Patent 7,982,066) in 2011.

Through the dedicated efforts of Dr. Scheele over the past 40 years, we now have a unique product in a new class of dietary supplements with imprimis credentials to tame appetite, satisfy food cravings, increase energy and optimize fat-burning potential.


Factor4 Weight Control® is so effective in stimulating weight loss health that 24 out of 25 subjects lost significant weight over a three month period and continued to lose weight when the study was extended to 6 and 12 months. The table below summarizes the weight loss results as average values.


3 months

6 months

12 months

Weight loss in pounds

8.4 lbs

16.2 lbs

33.4 lbs

% body weight loss





As the FDA requires a 5% reduction in body weight over 12 months to justify weight loss claims, Factor4 exceeds this threshold level by more than 3-times.


Based on Dr. Scheele’s discoveries which led to the unique formulation of Factor4 Weight Control® we may now summarize the multiple benefits of Factor4 Health. The rapid uptake of essential, positive-charged and satiety amino acids (Power Amino Acids®) which begins in 5 to 10 minutes and continues for 60 to 90 minutes (free amino acids) and 1 to 3 hours (protein-bound amino acids) provides unique results that may not be obtained with individual ingredients alone.

Thus Factor4 Weight Control® with free Power Amino Acids®:

  1. Rapidly closes the food chain gap to correct deficiencies in positive-charged amino acids, proteins, and enzyme-driven metabolic pathways. By rebalancing metabolic pathways, Power Amino Acids stimulate fat metabolism.
  2. Tames (reduces) appetite to avoid addictive taste disorders and prevent food cravings, thus allowing reduction in caloric intake without hunger. Factor4 shakes and smoothies provide feelings of comfort, satisfaction and well-being within minutes of ingestion and continue to control appetite for hours.
  3. Increases lean body mass (muscle tissue) which improves energy and helps burn fat.
  4. Increases body energy without the yo-yo metabolism of sugar, high-fructose-corn-syrup, caffeine or guarana. Increased energy stimulates the desire for exercise.
  5. Retains anabolic health at reduced caloric intake which prevents catabolic reactions including starvation and hibernation mechanisms.
  6. Improves the digestive process by stimulating Cholecystokinin (CCK) release which stimulates secretion of pancreatic digestive enzymes into the digestive tract.
  7. Helps prevent formation of gallstones and associated gallbladder and liver disease by stimulating CCK-dependent gallbladder contraction.
  8. Helps promote a natural cleanse of the GI tract through gallbladder contraction which enhances ileal and colonic evacuation. Factor4 enhances regularity in bowel movements and prevents constipation through the same natural cleansing mechanisms.
  9. Improves health in all the organs and tissues of the body, including the brain.
  10. Improves dietary health in the 8 major health systems in the body which includes (i) Body Weight and Energy, (ii) Beauty Health, (iii) Mental Balance/Health, (iv) Digestive Health, (v) Metabolic Health, (vi) Immune Health, (vii) Sexual and reproductive health, and (viii) Aging Health.


Benefits 1 through 10 work synergistically to provide the following ultimate benefits:

  1. Helps to normalize body weight, improve body definition, and increase pep, energy, activity, stamina, endurance and performance.
  2. Promotes healthy lifestyles, including increased satiety, improved diet, exercise, sleep, attitude, and less dependency on sugar, caffeine and alcohol.
  3. Helps combat metabolic risk factors, including high blood pressure and increased levels of cholesterol, triglycerides and sugar in the bloodstream.
  4. Helps combat chronic degenerative diseases associated with the metabolic syndrome, including obesity, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and gallbladder, liver and kidney disease.
  5. Helps combat inflammatory diseases, including autoimmune diseases and cardiovascular disease.
  6. Helps promote anti-aging health with increased longevity and quality of life evidenced by reduced chronic degenerative disease and enhanced feelings of comfort, satisfaction, and well-being
  7. Combats loss of productivity and accelerated aging.
  8. Helps combat alcohol dependency disorders and alcoholism.
  9. Helps combat stress-related disorders including depression, anxiety, anger, rage, aggression and post-traumatic Stress Disorders.
  10. Helps promote body repair and tissue healing.



In the comparison between commercial protein powders and Factor4 Weight Control® we may conclude the following. Out of the 20 benefits observed with Factor4 Weight Control®, commercial protein powders are estimated to compete with only 3 of these claims (3, 4, and 9). In each of these three endpoints, the response to protein will be small compared to that of Factor4 Health. Among the synergistic endpoints (claims 11 to 20) commercial protein powders may be considered to show little if any detectable results.

Based on the comparison between Factor4 and protein powders, it is clear that NovaLife has introduced a new class of dietary supplement designed to optimize weight loss health. The Factor4 Health technology utilizes a unique combination of free and bound amino acid blends to achieve health benefits that far exceed the benefits observed with generic protein powders. Factor4 Weight Control® is unique in its ability to normalize body weight as well as improve metabolic parameters and risk factors associated with the Metabolic Syndrome. As such Factor4 Weight Control® has the imprimis credentials to provide first-in-class benefits for health and wellness programs around the world.


George A. Scheele, M.D.


Dr. Scheele is a world-renowned physician, inventor, author and two-time Nobel Associate, who has pioneered in understanding the critical role of amino acids in regulating metabolic health and body weight. He recently introduced Factor4 Weight Control® with essential ingredients to treat the four nutritional traps that lead to overweight disorders and obesity.


As a graduate of Princeton University and Johns Hopkins Medical School he served as Professors of Medicine on the faculties of The Rockefeller University, Yale University School of Medicine and Harvard Medical School. Dr. Scheele invented new concepts and techniques which “cracked the code” in understanding how Power Amino Acids® correct the deficiencies in amino acids, positive-charged proteins, and metabolic pathways that normalize body weight and restore metabolic health.


A pioneer in the development of the fields of Cell Biology and Molecular Biology and their impact on understanding chronic human diseases, he participated in work that won two Nobel Prizes in Medicine awarded in 1974 and 1999.


As a leader in nutritional science and medical research with 40 years of innovative scientific research and 10 years of breathtaking achievements in the fields of obesity and metabolic disease, Dr. Scheele’s passion has always been to “Make the World a Better Place”. After moving to La Jolla in 1998, he has utilized his vast experience to develop superior health-care products for individuals living in today’s fast-paced world.


Dr. Scheele is currently the Founder, President, and CEO of NovaLife, Inc. a San-Diego based biotech company that has pioneered in the development of innovative health-care products for people who suffer from obesity and metabolic diseases, including diabetes, lipid disorders, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disorders, and aging.


Confidential Document: All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or any other information storage and retrieval system, without the written permission of the publisher.


Disclaimer: Factor4 Weight Control® is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease by the use of pharmaceutical drugs. As a dietary supplement, with all natural ingredients, considered to be “generally regarded as safe” (GRAS), Factor4 is intended only to improve health and wellness in the organs and tissues throughout the body. Comments and notations, derived from testimonials and limited human studies, have not been evaluated by the FDA. All results stated in these medical and scientific articles and on our website(s) are actual results from real customers or individuals included in our clinical trials. Individual results may vary depending on personal goals and use.


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  2. I would like to know what foods you recommend while taking Factor 4.
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