Body Type and Weight Loss Shakes


Depending on your body type, the process of rebuilding your body with Power Amino Acids® may take as little as one week, for those who have higher metabolic rates and higher activity levels, or as much as 1 month, for those who have lower metabolic rates and lower activity levels. Once Super-Charged Health has been established with Power Amino Acids® you will begin to see progress in weight loss as shown in the table below:

Body type

Metabolic Rates and Activity Levels

Time needed to
rebuild your body with
Power Amino Acids®

Weight loss begins in

Type 1

  • Rapid metabolism
  • Physically active

1 week

Week 2

Type 2

  • Rapid metabolism
  • Physically inactive

2 weeks

Week 3

Type 3

  • Slow metabolism
  • Physically active

3 weeks

Week 4

Type 4

  • Slow Metabolism
  • Physically inactive

4 weeks

Week 5

It is important to know your body type, because your body type will determine how quickly you will begin to lose weight. Although your clothes will fit better, you will not lose weight until you have rebuilt your body with Power Amino Acids®. The reason there is a lag time before you begin to lose weight is because loss of body fat is initially offset by an increase in muscle tissue. Once your muscle tissue has been maximally toned, you will then see a steady decrease in both body fat and body weight. It’s that simple!

In the beginning the key is (i) Persistence, (ii) Patience and (iii) Factor4 Weight Control®!

The rewards are:

  • Significant weight loss without intense exercise routines or strict dietary regimens
  • Sustained weight control for the rest of your life!

Now that is satisfaction!


Naturally, vigorous exercise will accelerate weight loss according to intensity of workout routines. However, with Factor4 Weight Control® it is not necessary to engage in intense exercise routines or even strict dietary regimens.

Thus Factor4 Weight Control® works naturally, through Nature’s pathways, to stimulate weight loss and achieve optimal weight control.

PS, If you are interested in finding your Body Mass Index, we have a free tool that you will love – Free BMI

Stimulate Fat Metabolism part 3

Remember that it took years for you to gain those excess pounds of unwanted weight. Naturally, it will take time to lose those pounds and achieve the healthy attractive physique that you deserve. Fortunately, Factor4 comes to the rescue by rebuilding your body with Power Amino Acids® that are required to achieve Supercharged Health and Sustained Weight Control. During the period that Factor4 is rebuilding your body, you are not only building up muscle tone but you are optimizing and maximizing the health of every organ and tissue in your body providing you with pep, energy, activity, stamina and endurance.



All subjects recognize that drinking power shakes or smoothies with Factor4 Weight Control®, containing Power Amino Acids® leads to feelings of “comfort, satisfaction and well-being” within minutes of drinking a shake. Recognizing these feelings indicates that Factor4™ effectively suppresses appetite, food cravings, hunger pangs and famished states.

Within a few short days, you will lose your “sweet tooth” and your “fat tooth”, which means you will lose your cravings for sweets and fats.


Within one to two weeks of starting on Factor4 Weight Control® with Power Amino Acids®, subjects notice that they have significantly more “pep, energy, activity, stamina and endurance.” These states of increased energy indicate that significant changes have occurred to the metabolic pathways in the body. Changes in body metabolism lead to:

  • Increases in muscle tissue (anabolic state)
  • Decreases in body fat

Since muscle tissue is the most important organ for burning off body fats, these two processes work together to reset body weight and energy.


The first sign that your body is losing fat deposits is that your clothes will fit better. The second sign that you are losing body fat is when your weight decreases according to the weight scale. However, your weight according to the gravimetric scale will not decrease until after your muscle tissue is built up. This may take several weeks or a month depending on your body type. See below for more information on body type and weight loss.

The Factor4 Promise: Look Younger Every Day; Feel Better in Every Way!