Judge Napolitano is a 64 year old attorney and former judge who is the current legal expert on Fox News. At 5’ 4” the Judge had reached the weight of 274 pounds. Two years ago the Judge stopped eating bread when he found that he suffered from gluten sensitivity and also started taking Factor4 Weight Control® shakes, 4 to 5 times a day, to reduce his body fat content. Within 6 months he had dropped 60 pounds. Within 12 months he had dropped more than 100 pounds to return to his college weight of 175 pounds. Furthermore, he has maintained this reduced weight over the past year.

Furthermore he was able to stop taking prescription medications for Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) to good advantage. According to numerous people who have watched the Good Judge lose weight on TV, his dramatic weight loss efforts were accompanied by more youthful appearances suggesting that he looks 20 to 30 years younger today. Over the past 2 years Judge Napolitano’s repeated testimonies on Fox News have been responsible for more than 800 new customers taking Factor4 Weight Control®.

Based on a recent survey conducted on current customers taking Factor4 Weight Control®, more than 80% of people have lost weight on Factor4 shakes and smoothies and many of these stories are similar to the dramatic response seen in Judge Napolitano.



The case described above not only touches on the beneficial effects of Factor4 in diabetes but also in wound healing in general. Another Achilles tendon disruption occurred in a long distance runner in Oklahoma, who did not suffer from diabetes. Following surgical correction, he was advised that he would not be able to run for 43 weeks, the normal convalescent period for an Achilles tendon repair. However, the runner, who was an active user of Factor4 Weight Control®, healed up and was able to run within 7 weeks, representing a healing process that was accelerated more than 6-fold.


Patients with diet-related lipid disorders respond to Factor4 Weight Control®. Many of these patients have elevated LDL (bad) cholesterol and decreased levels of HDL (good) cholesterol. Many of our patients who have lipid disorders and start taking Factor4 Weight Control® see reductions in LDL due to the low-fat diet that is fostered by Factor4. And they see even larger increases in HDL levels, normally doubled over 6 to 12 months. The observed changes in both LDL and HDL decrease their ratios of LDL/HDL often to normal levels of 3.0 or lower. Based on cardiovascular studies (see below) we now believe that Factor4 is increasing alpha-1 HDL, which is the form that absorbs cholesterol from arterial plaque and returns it to the liver for excretion into the bile.

Laura R is a 63 year old woman who weighed 175 pounds and suffered from a genetic defect in cholesterol metabolism treated with Zocor®, Lipitor®, and now Crestor®. She developed myalgia, a 24/7 muscle pain disorder, one of the harmful side-effects of statin therapy. Six years ago she found Factor4 Weight Control® in a search of “Protein Powders” that might relieve both her high cholesterol levels and her myalgia side-effects. Among this extensive search Factor4 was the only product that relieved her myalgia symptoms by 60% and allowed her to minimize her dosage of statins by two-thirds. Laura is very thankful for Factor4 Weight Control®.


Randy N is a 53 year old businessman who manages 40 fast-food restaurants in Oklahoma. Four months ago he suffered from obesity at 300 pounds, poor coronary circulation, and a 28% blockage in his right Carotid artery. His energy levels were very low. Two older brothers had bypass surgery on their coronary arteries. His entire family and all of his employees suffered from overweight disorders and a profound lack of energy.

Randy and his daughter decided to take Factor4 Weight Control® in an aggressive regimen of 4 shakes per days, each shake with 4 scoops of Factor4, and reported back after only 8 weeks. Randy and his daughter had lost 20 and 30 pounds over two months, respectively. Both saw their energy levels increase dramatically. They felt better during the day and slept better at night.  But the surprising element here was the improvement documented in Randy’s coronary and carotid arteries. According to angiography his coronary arteries had returned to normal flow patterns for a 50 year-old man. Angiography on his carotid artery lesion showed that the 28% blockage was reduced to less than 10%. Randy and his daughter are both very thankful for Factor4.

Even better, the Franchise Executive for the Fast Food chain is now taking Factor4 and urging all employees in the business, which is distributed throughout the Western Part of the United States to take Factor4 to manage their body weight and metabolic health.


Daniel B, a 52 year old postman in Illinois has suffered from abdominal pain, spasms and chronic diarrhea for the past 16 years due to Crohn’s Disease. Several years ago he was treated with high doses of Prednisone in an attempt to depress his immune reactivity. The Prednisone had little or no effect on his Crohn’s Disease but increased his body weight to more than 300 pounds. He was drawn to Factor4 Weight Control in an attempt to lose some of this weight.

Within 6 months of taking Factor4 Weight Control® his Mother called Dr. Scheele to explain how Factor4 had helped her son. Shortly thereafter Daniel called Dr. Scheele to confirm his response. Not only had Factor4 reduced his body weight by about 50 pounds, but Daniel exclaimed that this was the “small response to Factor4.” The larger response was that his abdominal symptoms and diarrhea had completely disappeared and he now experienced only normal bowel movements. The favorable response to Factor4 has continued over the last three years. You can imagine how pleased Daniel is in his positive response to Power Amino acids contained in Factor4 Weight Control®.


Haley J, a 51 year old housewife in Florida, has suffered from Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a demyelinating nerve disorder for the past 25 years. She contracted MS after the birth of her 4th child twenty five years ago. Since the onset of MS she has been confined to bed about 70% of the time with profound muscular weakness, which has necessitated the assistance of outside help to raise her family. When out of bed Haley could sit on the couch with the assistance of her husband, who would place pillows behind her back and on her chest under her chin to prevent the lower jaw from drooping such that saliva would drool down her front. Haley has been living this way for the past 25 years because the medical treatments have had minimal effects on her condition.

Because she was confined to the bed most of the day and had little opportunity to exercise, her weight increased and over the years she has tried many of the common diets to achieve weight control, all with little or no effect.

Within the first 6 months of taking Factor4 Weight Control® Haley realized that not only was she losing weight but her muscles were gaining in strength allowing her to gradually increase her activities in child and home care. She was delighted to see her improvement and called Dr. Scheele to explain what that improvement had meant to her.

Currently she can now “mow” the front lawn, “mow” the back lawn, and fully take care of the chores around the house. When asked what percentage she had improved, she answered that she had improved by 75%. Even on bad days she explains that she is 50% improved and these positive changes have continued for almost a year now. You can imagine what Haley Joyce says about Factor4 Weight Control®.


These seven case studies demonstrate that Factor4 Weight Control® has broad beneficial effects on a wide spectrum of metabolic and autoimmune disorders.

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Factor4 Health Improving Human Lives Across the Span of Medicine — 2 Comments

  1. Does the Judge eat any food or just has Factor 4?
    What does the Judge eat?

  2. Hello MaryAnn, He was taking 5 shakes a day before light meals and did that for most of the year. This is one way to do it but we have since found that most people respond well to two meal replacements a day, usually breakfast and lunch with a smoothie and then a traditional dinner followed by a shake in the evening to fend off any cravings. The Judge was very committed and regimented in both his diet and taking Factor4. Many people have difficulty following his strict program. Regards,

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