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  1. I have been using Factor4 shakes with water and almond milk for breakfast and lunch since August 17th. I have not noticed any weight changes, in fact I feel like I have gained some weight and my stomach feels so bloated. What is going on?? I am frustrated.

  2. Hello Filomena,

    In the initial literature that came with your product it explains the priming period which for women is often 3 or 4 weeks, you have been on the product for less than 3 weeks and it is normal to not lose the weight on the scale as your body is restoring protein to the muscles while it is burning fat, however muscle weighs more than fat so the scales are not recommended during the first few weeks. I cannot tell from your message how you are taking the product, ie, smoothies or shakes, how many scoops and with what liquid, I will need more info in order to help you. Please email me at so I can further assist you. Regards, Cy

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