Study Shows: Sleep Less, Weigh More – Not With Factor4

HHS Healthbeat (9-25-13)

Sleep Less, Weigh More

You can’t eat while you’re asleep, but that’s not the only benefit from getting enough sleep if you’re trying to control your weight. 225 people ages 22 to 50 spent 18 days in a sleep lab without exercise where researchers could measure what they ate and how long they slept. When people stayed up into the early morning, they went for more calories: When they were up from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m., they consumed more than 550 calories on average. In addition, the calories consumed during these late hours were higher in fat. The average gain for the sleep-restricted people was a couple of pounds.

The study was conducted by Andrea Spaeth of the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine and published in the journal Sleep was supported by the National Institutes of Health.

Studies have shown that taking a Factor4 shake before bed time will not only help you sleep better but help curb those late night cravings and temptations – That’s a WIN – WIN in my book so what are you waiting for?

Maintain, Don’t Gain

HHS Healthbeat (9-20-13)

Losing weight is hard. Keeping yourself from gaining weight may not be easy, but at least it’s not as hard as losing it. Researchers at Duke University have been looking at what they call the “maintain, don’t gain” approach. They checked data on 97 black women in an intervention group in which each woman was in a program that included personalized goals for diet and physical activity to maintain their weight. He compared them with another 97 who got the basic weight loss counseling.

“Sixty-two percent of women in the maintain group completed their intervention with weights at or below their starting weight, compared to only 45 percent of women in our usual care group.”

Gary Bennett and researchers at Duke University published  in JAMA Internal Medicine.

At NovaLife, our studies of customers using Factor4 Weight Control® for maintenance after using it to loose their weight are generally healthier and have more energy. The benefits of taking Factor4 as part of your regular diet to maintain metabolic balance and assist you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle are considerable. Factor4 is not just a weight loss product but a healthy supplement to anyone’s diet that restores health and vitality striped away from years of the Modern American Diet. Contact the Doctor for more information on how Factor4 can help you.

What are your kids drinking?

HHS Healthbeat (9-18-13)

Little Kids & Sweet Drinks

·         Commercial drinks for little kids are packed with sugar, which may lead to weight problems later on.

·         In a national survey on 9,600 children who were followed at ages 9 months and 2, 4 and 5 years children who consumed sugary drinks regularly were more likely to be overweight and obese at age 5.

·         Body weight increased over time with the amount of sugar, and was quite noticeable at age 4 and 5.

·         The study recommends that kids be given water and milk rather than sugar-sweetened drinks.

We recommend water as it also helps with brain function and many schools now ask children to bring a water bottle to school. Factor4 helps immensely with hydration in all ages and should be considered as part of your diet to curb cravings and balance your metabolic pathways.

Two New Weight Loss Drugs Compared to Factor4


Product Name & COMPANY

Percent Body Weight-Loss Performance (12 mo)


Beneficial Effects, Metabolic Potential and Side Effects

Factor4 Weight Control®




Up to 33%

in morbid obesity

Power Amino Acids® (essential, positive-charged, and satiety amino acids) with backup protein, vitamins, minerals and micronutrients

(all natural active ingredients)

Four Benefits:

  1. Tames appetite
  2. Builds muscle
  3. Burns fat
  4. Boosts energy
  • With essential nutrition (amino acids and protein), this product is anabolic, increasing muscle tone and improving metabolic health, including sleep
  • No harmful side-effects



3.1 to 3.6%


(5-hydroxytryptophan reuptake inhibitor

  • Psychotropic drug, which decreases appetite
  • The Fen component in Fen-Phen, which was withdrawn from the market for damaging heart valves
  • Without essential nutrition (amino acids and protein) this product is catabolic, possibly leading to muscle wasting and poor metabolic health



10 to 11%

  • Metabolic enhancer: The Phen component of Fen-Phen, which was withdrawn from the market for damaging heart valves
  • Stimulant not recommended for long-term use. It increases heart rate and elevates blood pressure.
  • Potential for dependency like Speed
  • Pulmonary hypertension a rare side effect.
  • Without essential nutrition (amino acids and protein) this product is catabolic, possibly leading to muscle wasting and poor metabolic health
  • In addition to satiety, this ingredient is known to cause fatigue, confusion, and nausea.
  • A generic epilepsy & migraine drug that can also cause tingling in the fingers and toes and diminish memory and concentration (called by some the “stupid pill” because the patient goes around in a fog).
  • Topomax during pregnancy led to a 2-fold to 5-fold greater risk of babies with cleft lips or palates.
  • Besides the drug regimen, the patient must exercise and take a low calorie diet with supplements.
  • Without essential nutrition (amino acids and protein) this product is catabolic, possibly leading to muscle wasting and poor metabolic health

Over the past year the FDA has approved two weight loss drugs for commercialization. One is called Belviq® by Arena Pharmaceuticals. The other is Qsymia® by Vivus Pharmaceuticals. Both of these products, under different names, together with a third product called Contrave® by Orexigen Pharmaceuticals, were rejected by the FDA in 2011 for relatively poor efficacy and potential harmful side-effects. So what made the FDA change it mind about the two products that were recently approved? The Advisory Committee for Weight Loss products at the FDA switched sides and became concerned that there were not enough tools for doctors to treat overweight disorders and obesity. They came to believe that the potential benefits of turning the tide in obesity out-weigh the potential side-effects of these drugs.

The agency appears to be increasingly concerned about assessing the tangible benefits of weight loss in terms of improving health and quality of life, according to Janet Woodcock, the current head of the FDA. Some of the recent advisors believe there is a strong need for new obesity drugs to help bridge a treatment gap between diet and exercise, on the one hand, and bariatric surgery on the other.

Not everybody agrees with the FDA. Critics say that the recently approved drugs do little to change the underlying behavior leading to obesity. Because weight loss drugs will be used for long periods of time by millions of people, the FDA should be cautious and the drugs must be completely safe. According to Sidney M. Wolf, Director of Health Research at Public Citizen, “Everyone wants a quick fix, but these drugs can be dangerous.”

Factor4 Weight Control® was formulated to use nature’s gift, all-natural Power Amino Acids®, to harness the body’s own feedback mechanisms to tame appetite, re-balance metabolism, and normalize body weight. While Factor4 stimulates fat metabolism by reducing food intake, the formula ensures that essential nutrition is maintained through the intake of amino acids and backup protein. Factor4 is therefore anabolic, designed to increase muscle tone and metabolic health. According to Dr. Scheele, other weight-loss drugs are considered catabolic, with the potential to lead to muscle weakness and poor metabolic health as food intake is reduced.

Which one of the three products listed in the above table would you take?




Trading Carbs for Protein


At Last, a breakthrough in nutritional science that identifies the cause and solution to OBESITY, the #1 cause of metabolic disease…Dr. George Scheele’s new book on Amazon.



From Alex Schauss

12 week study out of Australia

Low fat diet, isocaloric diets trade protein for carbohydrate

Protein varied, 17% versus 35%

9% reduction in body weight in both groups

4% reduction in body fat in both groups (trend for greater fat loss at higher protein but no  statistical significance.

Health & Human Services Healthbeat

Comfort Food After a Night on the Town


Burgers, doughnuts, pizza. Stay up real late working or studying, and your body seems to crave them. Carrots and apples, not so much. Why is that?

Researchers have measured people’s food choices and imaged their brain activity after a night’s sleep and after a night with no sleep. They found people preferred junk food after the sleepless night, and their sleep-deprived brains showed less capacity to make “good-for-you” choices and more “I wanna” choices.

“There’s a shift in the behavioral choices that people are making, and that seems to be co-occurring with those changes in brain activity.”

So if you get enough sleep, you may choose better and eat more healthfully.

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Using Factor4 as part of your regular diet regime will help you sleep better and maintain a health balance in your diet, The Good Doctor says