Comfort Food After a Night on the Town


Burgers, doughnuts, pizza. Stay up real late working or studying, and your body seems to crave them. Carrots and apples, not so much. Why is that?

Researchers have measured people’s food choices and imaged their brain activity after a night’s sleep and after a night with no sleep. They found people preferred junk food after the sleepless night, and their sleep-deprived brains showed less capacity to make “good-for-you” choices and more “I wanna” choices.

“There’s a shift in the behavioral choices that people are making, and that seems to be co-occurring with those changes in brain activity.”

So if you get enough sleep, you may choose better and eat more healthfully.

Take the Next Step: Choose My Plate

Using Factor4 as part of your regular diet regime will help you sleep better and maintain a health balance in your diet, The Good Doctor says

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