In one of Judge Napolitano’s early videos he states that he takes Factor4 shakes first thing in the morning, the last thing at night and an hour before meals. This regimen worked well for the Judge as he has lost 75 pounds and has kept that off for more than a year now. Since Factor4 tames appetite, a shake before meals will allow you to eat less solid food which will, in turn, reduce your daily caloric intake and body weight.

While this has worked in most people, some have continued to eat the same amount of food thinking that Factor4 will burn off fat despite little or no change in caloric consumption. Others were not sure whether to take Factor4 before meals or after meals and what the exact timing should be in relationship to meals. What we learned from these early studies is that Factor4 works best when daily caloric intake is significantly reduced.

Because of these uncertainties we now recommend that customers take Factor4 smoothies as a meal replacement for both breakfast and lunch and take Factor4 shakes after dinner for snack control in the evening according to the following regimen:

  • A Factor4 fruit smoothie as a replacement for breakfast
  • A Factor4 yogurt or veggie smoothie as a replacement for lunch
  • Eat a normal but sensible dinner (2 vegetables and a protein source like fish or poultry)
  • Follow the time-honored rules of dieting that are reviewed in Dr. Scheele’s recent book entitled The Obesity Cure, which involves shifting away from animal-based and processed foods in favor of plant-based and fresh foods.
  • Use Factor4 shakes in the evening to avoid snacking in front of the TV or before going to bed.

Taken in this manner Factor4 will increase your energy levels during the day and promote sound sleep during the night. Recipes for Factor4 shakes and smoothies appear on our blog at And this regimen is now recommended in our Quick Start Guide and our Weight Loss Guide.

The regimen of meal replacement smoothies and snack control shakes has worked particularly well for the greatest number of customers over the past three years for the following reasons:

  • Factor4 smoothies and shakes reduce appetite, which avoids food cravings and hunger.
  • Daily caloric intake under this regimen is reduced to 800 to 1200 calories depending upon how well the regimen is followed.
  • Starvation mode is avoided as Factor4 provides all the essential nutrients (protein, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, micronutrients) that maintain good health.
  • Lifestyle changes that incorporate Factor4 smoothies increase the amount of fruits and vegetables that individuals consume on a daily basis, which helps to initiate the shift from animal-based to plant-based foods.

Once body weight has returned to normal, most of our customers continue to use Factor4 in a maintenance regimen, which includes one meal replacement a day and snack-control at night.

The concepts behind the use of Factor4 for weight loss health are discussed in greater detail on our blog at under Monitoring Success, which contains the following articles:

  • Monitoring Success with Factor4 Weight Control®
  • Ensure Success with Factor4 Weight Control®
  • How Much Factor4 Should You Take
  • Break the “Metabolic Resistance Syndrome” in Obesity to avoid weight Loss Plateaus
  • Dietary Shifts Promote Wellness and Longevity
  • Avoid Sugar-Rich Foods in a Healthy Diet
  • Lifestyle Matters with Factor4 Weight Control®
  • Affordable Weight Loss with Factor4 Weight Control®


Factor4 works best when customers understand the Factor4 advantage in:

  • Reducing appetite
  • Building muscle
  • Burning fat
  • Boosting energy.


Bon Voyage to Good Health,
Dr. Scheele and the Factor4 Marketing Team


Factor4 as a Meal Replacement Versus Factor4 Taken Before or After Meals — 2 Comments

  1. Is it ok to eat vegetables like radishes, celery, cucumbers as snacks between shakes

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