Sugar Equivalency Tables

The concept of Sugar Equivalency has been developed by Nicole Avena, PhD, and John Talbott in their recent book, entitled “Why Diets Fail: Because You Are Addicted to Sugar,” which is sold on The results of their research reveal the content of refined sugar and processed carbs in a single number called the “Sugar Equivalency Score.” This numerical scoring system helps you to identify which foods to avoid in your goals to select a healthy diet and avoid sugar cravings. We suggest that you purchase their complete ebook on by clicking HERE. Why Diets Fail: Because You Are Addicted To Sugar – Nicole M. Avena, Ph.D

The formula used to create the values you see in their tables takes a 100-gram sample of food, measures how many grams of sugar are in the sample and adds 75% of the non-fiber, non-sugar carbohydrate grams to account for the fact that starches can also cause increases in glucose and insulin levels.

As a general guideline, foods with sugar equivalency scores under 5 are acceptable in healthy diets. Foods scoring between 5 and 10 may be consumed but their quantity should be monitored. Scores over 10 should be greatly restricted or avoided altogether.

Most meats, poultry and seafood are devoid of sugar equivalents and many fruits and vegetables show modest sugar equivalents that promote healthy diets. In contrast, processed foods, including candy, cakes, cookies, crackers, chips and bread products, show sugar equivalents in the range of 50 to 70, which not only detract from healthy diets but also promote sugar dependency issues that can lead to persistent weight gains.

In addition to sugar equivalency scores you should be mindful of portion sizes, which have greatly increased in today’s society of food abundance.

Nicole and John prepared these tables to help you avoid sugar cravings that interfere with healthy habits of good nutrition in response to normal hunger patterns. Review their information carefully so that you know which foods to select and which foods to avoid in restaurants or when shopping in today’s grocery stores.


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Sugar Equivalency Table

Words, 447

Beverages: Sugar Score
Apple juice, concentrate 11
Club Soda 0
Coffee, brewed 0
Energy drink, Monster 11
Energy drink, Powerade 7
Energy drink, Rockstar 13
Grape juice 14
Orange juice 10
Soda cola 11
Soda, orange 9
Soymilk 5
Tea, black 0
V8 vegetable juice 4
Chocolate milk 55
Breads, Cakes & Cookies
Bagels, plain 42
Bread, cornbread 34
Bread, Italian 36
Bread, whole wheat 27
Cake, cheesecake 24
Cake, white 51
Cookies, animal crackers 58
Cookies, chocolate-chip 55
Cookies-peanut butter 51
Cookies-sugar 60
Crackers-Nabisco-Graham 60
Croissants 35
Doughnuts 44
English muffin 31
French toast 19
Muffins-wheat bran 37
Pancakes 21
Pastry-Danish 37
Pie-apple 28
Pie-cherry 33
Pie-Pecan 49
Pie-pumpkin 29
Rolls-dinner 39
Rolls-hotdog 38
Taco shells 44
Candies, Snacks, Sweets
Candies-fudge 82
Candies-M&Ms 67
Candies-Peanut brittle 64
Candy Bar-Baby ruth 61
Candy Bar-Mars 59
Candy Bar-snickers 57
Chips-potato 58
Chocolate-semisweet 57
Frosting-vanilla 67
Granola bars 51
Honey 82
Ice cream-Breyers 25
Jams & preserves 63
Molasses 70
Pop corn 48
Pretzels 58
Pudding-chocolate 22
Pudding-vanilla 21
Sugar-brown 98
Sugar-granulated 100
Syrup 42
Trail mix 34
Canned & Frozen Foods
Beef barley Soup 5
Macaroni & cheese 8
Ravioli 10
Spaghetti 11
All-Bran-Kelloggs 38
Corn Flakes 66
Cream of wheat 8
Grape Nuts 57
Oatmeal 8
Oatmeal-instant 17
Raisin Bran 57
Diary & Egg Products
Cheese-Blue 2
Cheese-Brie 0
Cheese-Camembert 0
Cheese-Cottage 3
Cheese-Feta 4
Cream-sour 12
Egg white 1
Egg-whole 1
Egg yolk 3
Milk-whole 5
Milk-chocolate 10
Yogurt-plain 5
Fast Food & Restaurant Food
Cheese burger 23
Hamburger 26
French fries 28
Hash browns 24
Big Mac 15
Chicken Nuggets 12
Side salad 3
Nachos-Cheese 24
Cheese pizza 24
Sundae-hot-fudge 23
Fats, Oils, Dressings & Sauces
Butter 0
Oil-coconut 0
Oil-olive 0
Oil-soybean 0
Salad dressing-1000 Island 15
Salad dressing-French 16
Salad dressing-Italian 10
Sauce-cocktail 23
Sauce-sweet & sour 33
Apples 11
Applesauce 16
Avocados 2
Bananas 18
Strawberries 5
Blackberries 5
Raspberries 5
Grapefruit 7
Blueberries 12
Kiwifruit 11
Mangos 14
Pears 12
Pineapple 11
Figs-dried 53
Prunes 67
Raisins 71
Grains & Pastas
Macaroni 22
Pasta 19
spaghetti 22
Meats & Poultry
Hotdogs 1
Chicken 0
Ham 1
Lamb 0
Pork chops 0
Polish sausage 1
Steak 0
Nuts & Seeds
Almonds 8
Cashews 22
Pecans 4
Sunflower seeds 9
Walnuts 6
Bass 0
Cod 0
Halibut 0
Lobster 0
Pystger 2
Salmon 0
Scallop 2
Shrimp 1
Tuna 0
Vegetables & Legumes
Asparagus 2
Beans-baked 12
Beans-Lima 35
Beets 7
Broccoli 3
Brussel sprouts 4
Cabbage 3
Cauliflower 3
Corn-sweet 14
Eggplant 2
Mushrooms 2
Onion rings-breaded 28
Onions 7
Peanut butter 25
Peanuts 7
Potatoes-French fries 18
Potatoes-hashbrowns 24
Sauercrout 2
Squash 4
Sweet potato 14
Tomatoes 3


Avoid Sugar-Rich Foods in a Healthy Diet — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Dr. Scheele!
    I read the article (above) and I bought the book at Many years ago, I weighed 258 pounds (I was 55 at the time) and I NEEDED to lose weight. So I got involved with a program called “Food Addiction: The Body Knows” by author Kay Sheppard (Amazon link – By following her eating plan, I lost 120 pounds in 11 months. WoW! After that, a few things changed in my life and I regained half of that weight over the next 6 years, with more gains in 2012 and 2013 up to 220 pounds. As we talked, I’m down to 185 now and still eating in the way Kay Sheppard recommended, with a few exceptions. The important thing is to NOT EAT SUGAR!! Thanks for all your time and support!

  2. This is tremendously helpful. It’s good to know the majority of our diet is on track yet I was surprised at a few of the fruits. Thanks so much for this information.

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