Weight Loss Guide – Revised For 2015 — 6 Comments

  1. I am74 and just under 5 ft. Tall. In good health other than over weight.
    Two questions: Would this be safe for me at this age? I have tried many plans over many years.
    Is this plan easy to follow. I enjoy all foods. Love to cook and bake. Most likely one of my down falls.
    I weigh about 169 Lbs. Want to lose at least 40 lbs.
    Not sure I understand all about the plan, but noticed I may need to give up whole wheat. Is this true?
    Really want to try this. A trying. Medifast. Not my favorite and is expensive.
    Sorry this is so long. Thank you for listening.
    Barb Paxton

  2. Getting started with the receipe do you just do the shakes no food? Where can I go to get a daily diet plan to get started

  3. Hello Andrea,

    You get information with your order on how the program works. Basically, most people do two meal replacements a day, usually breakfast and lunch with smoothies, then eat a sensible dinner leaning towards plant based foods then an evening shake to fend off any cravings. We are happy to talk about this with you if you want to call us Monday through Friday at 844-Factor4 8 am to 5 pm PST. Regards, Cy

  4. I am a 45 y/o female and have just begun training for my first half marathon. I have been taking Factor4 for a month as meal replacements twice a day and for one snack. I lost 6 lbs in week one (mostly water as I understand), but virtually nothing thereafter. This happens with every diet I have tried in the last decade. Any suggestions?

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