Stimulate Fat Metabolism part 2

part 2

The Factor4 Weight Loss Program™ allows you to achieve lasting weight control without intense exercise routines or strict dietary regimens. The Plan is unique in that it uses Power Amino Acids® to treat the four nutritional traps associated with overweight conditions and obesity: (i) The Taste trap, (ii) The Vanity Trap, (iii) The Food Swing Trap and (iv) The Sedentary Trap. The Factor4 Weight Loss Program™ will restore your nutritional health and switch fat-storing pathways to fat-burning pathways.


Factor4 Weight Control® rebuilds your body with power amino acids® which leads to “supercharged health” by modulating two metabolic processes:

  • Power amino acids® increase your “anabolic” potential by restoring “constructive” or anabolic metabolism.
  • Power amino acids® decrease your “catabolic” potential by eliminating “destructive” or catabolic metabolism.

A lifetime commitment to Factor4™ will maintain your body in the Factor4 zone, providing power nutrition and super-charged health. Thanks to Factor4™ you will regain youth again and live longer and healthier with super-charged health and increased quality of life.

Finally, a Weight Loss Solution that Restores Body Health!