Watch all the Factor4 videos to learn about this amazing product and how it works to improve your health and control your weight! Whether you want to lose weight or fight health issues and keep your youthful glow, Factor4 is a scientific breakthrough for you.


The wonder of Factor4 Weight Control® in controlling body weight and metabolic health during growth, maturity and aging

Learn how Power Amino Acids in Factor4 Weight Control® satisfy cravings, boost energy, burn calories and revitalize youth.

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Testimonials from Real People who incorporate Factor4 Weight Control into their diets:

Hear from Judge Andrew Napolitano how he lost 60 lbs and counting..

Weight Control


Lose Weight and Thrive on Factor4 Weight Control

Learn about the Factor4 Roadmap to weight loss, sustained weight control and metabolic health with Power Amino Acids®

The Role of the Food Chain Gap in Obesity

Learn how deficiencies in amino acids in the food chain give rise to overweight disorders and obesity and how Factor4 Weight Control® helps normalize body weight by combating the dietary causes of obesity.

Better Than Popular Diets, Meal Programs or Diet Pills

Learn how Factor4 Weight Control®, with Power Amino Acids® outperforms popular diets, weight-loss programs, meal programs and diet pills.

Four Levels of Commitment

Learn how to adjust the power level of Factor4 to your personal needs with Snack Control, Portion Control, Meal Replacement and Boot Camp strategies.

Healthy Lifestyles


The #1 Dietary Supplement in Today’s Market

Learn how Factor4 Weight Control® is more effective than vitamins, minerals and/or anti-oxidants in restoring nutritional health through Weight Control and Metabolic Health 4 Life™. Learn how to feel better in up to 50 ways in the eight (8) major health systems in the human body.

Factor4 Combats Eating Disorders

Learn how Factor4 restores nutritional health and helps combat anorexia, bulimia, restrictive vegetarian/vegan diets and volunteer starvation routines associated with skipping meals.

Sleep Tight with Factor4 Weight Control®

At 70 calories, Factor4 Weight Control® is the ultimate midnight snack, which not only promotes deep, restful sleep but also helps reduce body weight while you sleep.

Metabolic Health


Avoid Chronic Degenerative Diseases with Factor4

Obesity is part of a spectrum of metabolic diseases, called the Metabolic Syndrome, which leads to chronic degenerative disease and accelerated aging. The good news is that Factor4 Weight Control®, with power amino acids® helps combat metabolic risk factors and chronic degenerative diseases as well as obesity.

Enhanced Memory, Mood & Mental Performance

Factor4 Weight Control®, with power amino acids®, helps increase clarity of thought, focus and memory and provides a calming effect to relieve stress, anger and rage as well as mood-swings, anxiety reactions and depression.

Anti-Aging Health


Revitalize Youth with Factor4

Want to look younger and feel better? Millions of Americans say YES. Factor4 Weight Control® will help to revitalize youth by increasing your pep, energy, activity, stamina, endurance and performance.

Anti-Aging Health with Factor4 Weight Control®

Want to look younger, live longer and feel better? Eighty million baby boomers say YES. By combating chronic degenerative disease, Factor4 Weight Control® will help increase longevity with enhanced quality of life through feelings of comfort, satisfaction and well-being.


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