What are your kids drinking?

HHS Healthbeat (9-18-13)

Little Kids & Sweet Drinks

·         Commercial drinks for little kids are packed with sugar, which may lead to weight problems later on.

·         In a national survey on 9,600 children who were followed at ages 9 months and 2, 4 and 5 years children who consumed sugary drinks regularly were more likely to be overweight and obese at age 5.

·         Body weight increased over time with the amount of sugar, and was quite noticeable at age 4 and 5.

·         The study recommends that kids be given water and milk rather than sugar-sweetened drinks.

We recommend water as it also helps with brain function and many schools now ask children to bring a water bottle to school. Factor4 helps immensely with hydration in all ages and should be considered as part of your diet to curb cravings and balance your metabolic pathways.

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