Our product is called Factor4™ because it has four unique benefits that control metabolism and body weight:

  1. Factor4 burns calories by resetting metabolic pathways that control fat storage and fat metabolism.
  2. Factor4 suppresses appetite by satisfying appetite centers in the brain and stomach
  3. Factor4 satisfies cravings with feelings of comfort, satisfaction and well-being
  4. Factor4 boosts energy by increasing muscle mass and anabolic health

The product will also help you build the four cornerstones of your Factor4 Wellness Program that will ensure that you maintain a healthy, productive life. These cornerstones are:

  1. Weight Loss Health providing you with a healthy body physique that will ensure success
  2. Metabolic Health allowing you to avoid many of the chronic degenerative diseases that afflict mankind
  3. Revitalized Youth restoring levels of pep and energy that decrease your functional age
  4. Anti-Aging Health providing you with feelings of comfort, satisfaction and well-being that presage longevity with improved quality of life.

#1 Shake for Weight Loss and Anti-Aging Health

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