5 Health Habits That Reduce the Signs of Aging




Researchers in the UK call attention to 5 ways to reduce the signs of aging:

  • Following a nutritious diet,
  • Exercising regularly,
  • Maintaining a low body weight,
  • Avoiding smoking, and
  • Limiting alcohol consumption

Researchers at Cardiff University in the U.K. studied 2,235 men and found that those who adopted all five, or even four, of these healthy behaviors experienced a 60 percent reduction in dementia and overall cognitive decline (with exercise being the strongest mitigating factor). Seventy percent fewer cases of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke were found in those men, compared to people who didn’t practice any of the behaviors.

According to Dr. Scheele, the good news is that Factor4 Weight Control® promotes all five of these lifestyle changes and ensures success in maintaining metabolic and cognitive health as you age.

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