Can Food Be As Addictive As A Drug? as seen New York Times

This article by Michael Moss brings home some good points!

Addictive as a drug? <- click here for complete article

We crave certain foods so much that they seem addictive. Just thinking about cinnamon buns or pizza stimulates the release of the neural chemical dopamine, which can cause the brain to override the biological brakes that try to prevent overeating. According to ”Why Humans Like Junk Food,” by a former Nestl� scientist named Steven A. Witherly, the brain especially loves mixtures of salt, sugar and fat and the emulsive textures of butter, mayonnaise and chocolate. Witherly has developed what he calls the food-pleasure equation, in which Pleasure = Sensation + Calories. When we eat a combination of sugar, fat and salt, he says, we get a huge synergistic bang, first in the parts of the brain that register pleasure and then in the gut, which detects and responds more favorably to the high calories in sugar and fat. It’s caveman stuff, going back to when we learned to eat big-calorie foods to survive.

BottleFactor4 Weight Control®, NovaLife’s flagship product for weight loss health, has strong effects on appetite suppression. Dr. Scheele, NovaLife’s President and CEO, states that the essential and positive-charged amino acids contained in Factor4 Weight Control® under the trademark, POWER AMINO ACIDS®, function to signal satiety to the appetite centers in the brain and in the gut.

According to Dr. Scheele, appetite suppression is recognized as a feeling of “comfort, satisfaction and well-being” within minutes of drinking a Factor4™ power shake or smoothie and that these feelings may continue for hours, allowing portion control or meal replacements without food cravings, hunger attacks or famished states, which otherwise may lead to eating binges followed by unwanted weight gains. In fact, within days of taking two or more Factor4™ power shakes per day, most customers have lost their “sweet tooth” and their need for carbohydrate-rich snacks.

Dr. Scheele further explains that the appetite suppression that accompanies Factor4 Weight Control® is significantly greater than that observed with protein shakes because of the time required for protein to be digested in the intestinal tract.

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