HHS Healthbeat reports from the Northwestern University School of Medicine that many teens have high blood sugar, low physical activity, and smoke. Their eating patterns were high in sodium and sugar sweetened beverages, and low in fruits, vegetables, fiber and lean protein, giving them a poor start in life.

Factor4 Health can help teens improve their health. Dr. George Scheele, The Good Doctor.



The little heart that could


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Being a healthy baby means having a healthy heart. Heart defects occur when there is a structure problem with the heart and can lead to functioning problems. It happens during pregnancy and certain women are at a higher risk.

Dr. Stuart Shapira is at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“Specifically, women who are obese; women who smoke; or women who have diabetes that is not well controlled during their pregnancy.” (9 seconds)

Women who are planning a pregnancy can improve their chances of having a healthy baby, too

“Women should talk to their health care provider about all medications that they are taking, including prescription, over the counter or non-prescription, and herbal medications. And women should talk to their health care providers about vaccines.” (14 seconds)

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