Carol’s Coconut Water Factor4 Shake

Carol's Coconut Water Factor4 Shake
Amazing Nutrition and Hydration
  • 2 Scoops - Factor4 Weight Control®
  • 8-10 oz - Coconut Water
  • For fun, try some coconut ice cubes 🙂
  1. • One magnificent recipe is to mix Factor 4 with coconut water, which is now sold everywhere.
  2. • About 70 calories, no sugar, excellent hydration.
  3. • The British used it as plasma in WW2 in the tropics when they ran out of plasma.
  4. • That is how close it is to our vital fluids. Lovely product if you have not yet tasted it.
  5. • Very light. Viscosity of water.
  6. • Nothing added if you get the plain flavor.
  7. • Several companies now do it primarily Zico and Vita.


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